About US

“We aim to become an automation system integration service provider with an effort to move Thailand’s industrial sector towards smart technology to allow the country to compete globally.”

            Innovation Group has been spending years in developing in-house engineering, automation and robotic systems to provide to our factories. Now we are expanding our service to the industry with full range of engineering designs, production and plant designs, automation and robotic systems. The engineering center offers machine maintenance service and training in automation and robotic system.

            The engineering center will work with customers as the engineering consultant and engineering solution provider, starting from plant and process unit assembling automatic process line. The engineering center provides assembly machines with automatic and robotic systems. Process data collecting as the major tool for managerial decision with be included.

            Automatic and robotics manufacturing is a solution for industry in solving quality and process problems. With integrated automated processing design, it will reduce production mistakes and waster, and increase productivity. That enhance Thai manufacturing sector to the competition


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